Career Prep Applicant FAQs

Application FAQs

I am having difficulties with my application. What can I do?
For technical challenges, please contact tech support via the Fluid Review website. For questions about application content, including transcripts and essays, please email MLT at

Can I submit my application with one recommendation?

Do I need to ask my recommender for a physical letter of recommendation?
No, your recommender does not need to compose an actual letter of recommendation. They must complete the online recommendation form provided by MLT via email. Please tell your recommender to expect an email from MLT.

What does November 30 Priority Deadline for financial services, consulting, and technology mean?
Fellows interested in financial services, consulting, or technology must submit their CP application by the November 30th deadline. MLT will make class selections for these groups quickly in order to prepare fellows for these industries’ earlier recruitment cycles.

How do I submit my transcript?
Upload your transcript, to the application portal, in a PDF or MS Word format. Please use the naming convention: Last Name_First Name_Transcript.pdf, or Last Name_First Name_Transcript.doc.

When will I be notified if I am admitted into the program?
Round 1 applicants will be notified by March 2019, Round 2 by April 2019 and Round 3 by May 2019. The program begins June 1, 2019.

What makes a strong application for Career Prep?
In addition to fulfilling the eligibility requirements and application checklist, strong applications demonstrate that a candidate has leadership experience and potential, career goals that fit well with the program, goal orientation, “scrappiness” and potential for active participation in Career Prep.


Eligibility FAQs

Can I participate in Career Prep if I am studying abroad during the program?

Candidates are encouraged to avoid studying abroad during their junior year of college. All seminars are mandatory and the Kickoff Seminar is critical to the program experience. Applicants who would miss more than one seminar are considered ineligible to participate in the program. Depending on their study abroad location, Fellows may receive financial assistance to fly back for seminars.

Will a below average undergraduate record affect my application to Career Prep?
To be considered for the program, candidates must be in good academic standing. Most Career Prep Fellows hold a GPA between 3.5 and 4.0. Candidates with a GPA below 3.2 are encouraged to address their academic history in the optional essay.

Can I participate in Career Prep if I am not African American, Latino, or Native American?
MLT’s mission is to equip and empower African American, Latino, and Native American women and men to realize their full potential and achieve outsized impact as senior leaders who transform organizations, communities and society.  Eligible candidates to Career Prep must identify ethnically and racially as African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic or Native American

Do I need to be a business major in order to apply to Career Prep?
No. The program is open to all undergraduate majors, including STEM and Computer Science. A candidate’s major does not determine eligibility, rather, MLT considers how well the applicant’s career goals align with Career Prep’s programming.

Can I apply to Career Prep if I am in a five-year program?
Yes, as long as you graduate within the dates provided in the eligibility requirements. Likely, if you are in a five-year program, you should apply for Career Prep during your junior year.


Program FAQs

What are the costs associated with Career Prep?
There is a $199 non-refundable program fee upon acceptance. Lodging and meals at seminars are provided for all Fellows, thanks to sponsorship from our partners. We do not want financial constraints to deter you from applying to Career Prep. MLT provides need-based financial assistance for travel costs. There is an option to indicate interest in financial assistance on your application.  Note, your financial status does not have any bearing on MLT’s admission decision.

Are the seminars mandatory?
Yes, full participation at all seminars, in-person and virtual, is mandatoryApplicants who would miss more than one seminar are considered ineligible for Career Prep.

Where and when are the seminars held?
Our seminars are typically hosted by MLT partners. The locations vary each year. Career Prep events typically start on Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon. Fellows will receive the final seminar schedule after they are admitted into the program.

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