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More. Lives. Transformed.

Since 2002, MLT has transformed the careers and lives of more than 7,000 talented Black, Hispanic and Native American women and men.  We have given rise to a powerful professional network of champions – peers, mentors and senior leaders – who are catalysts for a diverse, equitable and thriving America.  

We believe that senior leaders drive outsize impact for their organizations, communities and society. This is especially true for senior leaders of color who are paving the way for other underrepresented minorities to see what is possible and attainable.  Their leadership creates a unique multiplier effect that influences, inspires and impacts countless others to fulfill their potential and achieve their American dreams.   

Over the next decade, we will see 1,000 MLT alumni at the top tiers of the private and social sectors, with 10,000 more MLT Rising Leaders in varying stages of ascent.

MLT By The Numbers:
Check out our impact on…

College Students

95% of our Fellows in the Career Prep program got job offers prior to graduation.

99% of Career Prep Fellows secured summer internships.


MBA Candidates

90% of MLT’s MBA Prep Fellows have been accepted by at least one Top 10 business school.

MBA admission rates at the Top Ten business schools have been three times greater for MLT’s MBA Prep Fellows than other applicants.

95% of MLT MBA Professional Development Fellows made meaningful connections with potential employers.

Mid-Career Professionals

75% of professionals who participated in MLT’s mid-career advancement program were promoted within one year of program completion.

1,200 MLT’ers currently work in the tech sector.

Eight of the 2015 40 Under 40 Tech Diversity award winners are MLT Alumni.

of our Career Prep Fellows get job offers prior to graduation

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First Generation Students

MLT Ascend provides our Rising Leaders the opportunity to mentor first-generation, low-income students for college persistence and employment preparation.

First-generation individuals compose 40% of MLT’s Career Prep Fellows and 90% of our MBA Prep MBA PD Fellows.


Graduate Business Schools

MLT partners with each of the Top 25 MBA programs.

40% of the underrepresented minorities at Harvard Business School, Wharton, Kellogg and Columbia are MLT Rising Leaders.


MBA Prep Fellow at CTLS
Corporate & Social Sectors

We partner with more than 100 leading companies, entrepreneurships and social sector organizations to drive their diverse recruitment and retention strategies and transform their talent pipelines.

More than 500 MLT alumni are rising through the leadership ranks at Google, Citi, Deloitte, P&G, Goldman Sachs, PepsiCo and Booz Allen Hamilton.

of recent Career Prep Alumni who completed MBA Prep have been admitted to a Top 10 MBA Program

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Our Rising Leaders

Our Rising Leaders are serving as mentors, role models, recruiters, and welcome voices of change throughout Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations.  To us, impact on our communities is a key measure of career success. Since 2014, our Rising Leaders have been mentoring low income, first-generation college kids through MLT Ascend, giving back and helping bring others forward.

MLT’s programs take talented Black, Hispanic, and Native American women and men on a career journey that 95% describe as “life-changing.”  Our alumni include such influential Rising Leaders as:

MBA Prep, 2011
Kapor Capital
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Quinnton Harris
Career Prep, 2010
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Shauntel Poulson
MBA Prep, 2010
Reach Capital
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